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Benefits of Using Herbal Supplements to Support Acupuncture Healing



Chinese Medicine practitioners employ multiple modalities to regulate the body and promote well-being. These modalities work synergistically to heal, balance, strengthen the immune system and improve vitality. As Chinese medicine grows increasingly popular around the world, more and more people are using Chinese Medicine modalities to remedy a variety of health issues.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are two of the most well-known therapies in Chinese Medicine. Each of these therapeutic methods is a piece of a much larger puzzle — the Chinese Medicine system — that works most effectively when multiple pieces are combined. Used together, acupuncture and high-quality herbal supplements support each other’s effects to maximise physical, mental and emotional health.


What are Chinese Medicinal Herbs?

Chinese Medicine herbs have been used in China for thousands of years and now worldwide to treat many acute and chronic conditions. Chinese herbs are available as single herbs or in formulas which are carious combination of herbs. These herbal supplements can be taken in a variety of formats, including granules, capsules, tablets, tea bags, tinctures and topical products. Each herb has unique characteristics that, when combined, have a complementary therapeutic effect. Like acupuncture, Chinese herbs are thought to address unhealthy body patterns and restore energy balances.

How Herbal Supplements and Acupuncture Work Together?

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies are both used to promote the tremendous natural healing capacity of the human body, mind and spirit. Regular acupuncture treatments helps your body’s circulation, oxygen and nutrition supply in a smooth and balanced way through the body. Chinese herbs can be used to deliver a stronger, most focused intervention that is targeted at specific organs, systems or concerns. To make Chinese Medicine most effective, many practitioners combine Chinese herbal remedy and acupuncture treatments.

What are the benefits of using Chinese herbal Supplements and Acupuncture together?

Versatile Applications

Acupuncture and herbal medicine work cooperatively to address a wide range of conditions and concerns. In Chinese Medicine, a combination of acupuncture and herbal treatments may help with pain, insomnia, inflammation, digestive disorders, chronic headaches, anxiety, depression, stress, arthritis, infertility, impotence, premenstrual syndrome, painful menstruation, menopausal symptoms, circulatory issues, immune function and more. By combining modalities, practitioners have more opportunities to treat internal imbalances.

Personalized Treatments

Chinese Medicine practitioners take a personalized approach for every patient. Acupuncture treatments are uniquely designed for each patient and their specific health challenges. Likewise, herbal regimens are formulated for the individual based on their unique body condition and symptoms. Practitioners begin by conducting a comprehensive consultation to determine individual need and create a customized treatment plan combining modalities. Treatments may later be adjusted as the patient’s condition changes. The high degree of flexibility and personalization is one of the most unique and elegant aspects of Chinese Medicine.

Treatments at Your Own Home

Acupuncture should be performed by a professional with proper training and credentials. A course of treatment usually requires multiple office visits to address your concerns. You may also be advised to return for occasional follow-up treatments to maintain balance. Adding herbs to your routine is like taking your acupuncturist home with you. You don’t need a practitioner to perform treatments on you each day to make progress. Herbs allow you to be an active participant in your treatment and build upon the momentum started by the acupuncture.

Complement Western Medicine for Comprehensive Wellness

In many cases, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be safely combined with prescription drugs and other Western medical treatments. Because these systems use different paradigms to diagnose and treat health issues, they can complement each other and provide better outcomes in some circumstances. Consult with a licensed practitioner or herbalist before beginning Chinese Medicine treatments to ensure they will not negatively affect any other therapies you’re using.



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