Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture is a vey natural way to help your look younger. It is often call ‘natural face-lift’. Cosmetic acupuncture can help reduce lines and wrinkles, lift and tighten the facial muscles and improve the skin’s texture and complexion, as a result making you shine. 

Cosmetic acupuncture as a beauty treatment has become very popular among many celebrities internationally, such as Kim Kardashian and Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.


Why choose our cosmetic acupuncture program?

Our method is unique and very effective. We use motor points of facial muscles and combine with modern devices to enhance the results. Our cosmetic acupuncture treatments use minimal amount of needles on your face and produce maximum results!

Our treatment has no recovery times or side effects like surgery or nerve toxins. There will be no big bruising or permanent nerve damage. Your smile and other facial expressions will still be natural after treatment.

Before treatment

After treatment



How can Cosmetic Acupuncture make you look younger?


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Cosmetic acupuncture treatment has an extensive individual variety. The effectiveness of treatment depends on your baseline. The face of a 60-year-old and a 40-year-old will require different treatment program and the response to the treatment is also different. We will design a personal tailor-made program for you during consultation. The earlier you start, the more effective the treatment will be.

Overall cosmetic acupuncture helps reduce the signs of aging on the face. More specifically, cosmetic acupuncture can help:

  • Increase collagen and elastane production, as a result smooth out wrinkles and fine lines

  • Make the skin more elastic and supple, eliminating skin flaccidity

  • Promotes facial lymphatic and circulatory systems, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, leading to healthier skin

  • Smoothes the eye bags as the skin becomes more elastic

  • Fade dark circles under the eyes

  • Fade spots and pigmentation

  • Maintains hormone balance and help with hormonal acne, for example

  • Relaxes face, neck and neck muscles and relieves tension

With all these, cosmetic acupuncture can help slow down the signs of aging.




What side effects or pain can cosmetic acupuncture cause?

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Unlike surgery or nerve toxins, cosmetic acupuncture is very safe. Your can return to daily routines right after your treatment. Cosmetic acupuncture does not hurt and needle insertion is often not noticeable. Some very minimal feelings of pinching may be possible. Usually, the experience is described as truly relaxing and as if the skin and face come to life in a new way.

One must take note that cosmetic acupuncture is not always suitable. For example, if you are suffering from an infectious skin condition, have undergone cosmetic surgery within 2-6 weeks, have epileptic seizures, have a bleeding disorder, or are pregnant, you will need to wait till the conditions have resolved before we can do cosmetic acupuncture for you.

Before we can turn the clock back for you, speak to our acupuncturist to discuss your personal tailor-made program.

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